"Cleaning is a basic need and is part of every culture, every economy and every working environment..."

Company Profile

Our Mission

At RP Services we believe that achieving total customer satisfaction is a continuous process and we must constantly strive to improve our service. The only way this is possible is through regular communications with both our staff and our customers, responding immediately, if they experience individual difficulties. Try and be as good as we can.

Company Profile

Akleena Services Ltd was initially formed in May 1997 and in common with many companies in the industry has grown, developed and reformed itself several times. It merged in 2005 with RP Services, one of Coventry's leading Window Cleaning companies. This merged a wealth of management experience in the areas of Window Cleaning and Domestic & Commercial Cleaning, creating a highly accomplished Services Provider.

Our aim to provide a quality service at all times to all customers. You could expect a reliable and continuous service as everyone will be focused towards all round job satisfaction. We also believe in supporting loyal staff, we welcome and encourage new ideas and improvements to safe systems of work if it enhances our overall performance. We should be prepared for change, but only for the good of everyone.

At RP Services we are very much dependant on human resources and building the right team. We are mindful of our reputation one in which we are extremely proud, this is our major asset and therefore need to ensure the best results are consistently met. We are in a customer judged environment everyday.