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Where Quality Service is a standard - not just an aspiration

Akleena is a highly accomplished commercial contract cleaning company, having operated in the cleaning market since 1992.

At Akleena, we believe that achieving total customer satisfaction is a continuous process and we constantly strive to improve our service. The only way this is possible is through regular communication with our customers and responding immediately to any individual difficulties.

At your Service -

The cleanliness of your offices can and does speak volumes about the professionalism of you and your organisation. Whatever your cleaning needs you can select Akleena with complete confidence and with the knowledge that you can concentrate on your business, while we get on with the daily tasks of taking care of you.

Defining your Requirements -

Each job will require at least a site visit, with a client walk through to determine your necessary needs. This will be known as the detailed area and will be the basis of the quotation, enabling Akleena to put together an individual schedule to suit your requirements and budget.

Getting the Job Done -

Meeting your needs. Our first and main aim is to provide a consistent quality service to all our customers. You can expect a reliable and continuous service, as everyone will be focused towards all-round job satisfaction. As a company we are always mindful that our reputation is our major asset, therefore we have an ongoing obligation to all our customers to ensure that the best possible results are consistently achieved.

So, if the responsibility for seeking out a team of professional cleaners rests on your shoulders, as the office manager or facilities manager, then you will need Akleena. We at Akleena can offer you a personal, tailored service to suit you and your premises.

Maybe you have been thinking that the time is right to review your existing service provider, or you may no longer wish to directly employ your own personnel. Perhaps you would simply like to discuss the possibilities...

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